Los Castaños Boutique Hotel

Welcome to Hotel Los Castaños, near Ronda

— luxurious hideaway in the heart of Andalucia …

We take seriously our responsibility to our guests and team during this time of increased stress. We have upped our already stringent cleaning processes to ensure safety for everybody. For complete details of our Covid Response please click here.


mountain view ronda


Our reputation for excellent, honest, good-value and nutritious food goes before us. Check on Tripadvisor to see what people say. It is very gratifying that practically every reviewer mentions the high quality dinner they enjoyed. And not just our guests! We received the coveted “Best Inland Hotel” award from the Academia Gastronomica Malagueña.

We strive to create food that is unusual, tasty, and exciting. Not messed about but “artfully presented” as one reviewer said! We buy all our ingredients locally and most are ecologically produced. All about breakfast and dinner here.

We cater to vegetarians, many of whom say it is the best veggie food they have had! Frank tries hard to create interesting and wholesome food for those who are not omnivores. We are happy to assist observing people and consider ourself a kosher friendly hotel. 


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