Breakfast and Dinner

Good food is balm for body and soul

Excellent home-made meals await you when you stay with us at our friendly and comfortable hotel in Cartajima. Our breakfasts have received many compliments on social media and our dinners received prized credits from the Gastronomic Academy of Malaga when we were named the Best Inland Hotel award in 2018.

Start your day with a good breakfast

Our international breakfast is prepared individually according to your wishes and included in your room rate. It is available from 9 am every morning. 

The photo above is our typical spread to which we may add new items as guests request them. Always looking for new ideas and inspirations to cater to all tastes! We also offer eggs, cooked any way. Our scrambled eggs are famous and everybody asks “how do you get them so creamy?” Ask us and we will tell you – it’s very simple! We include the makings for the classic Andalusian breakfast which is a piece of toast, grated with a garlic clove, sprinkled with olive oil and salt and topped with tomato and maybe jamon. Sounds exciting! Give it a try when you are here. Perhaps persuade your partner to try it too.

Delicious home-made from scratch dining

We were named Malaga’s Best Inland Hotel by the Academia Gastronomica de Malaga and Di at the time was both amazed and proud. Our cuisine is what we call Western Mediterranean, drawing on the flavours of Spain and the whole mediterranean area including Israel.

We have recently acquired quite a reputation for mediterranean vegetarian and even vegan food, difficult diets to satisfy in Spain as the focus is mostly on meat and mostly on pork in Andalucian restaurants and bars.

Let us know of any dietary restrictions and we will create the perfect meal for you. We are happy to assist observing people and consider ourself a kosher friendly house and kitchen. Just ask, we’re able to provide solutions for almost every request.

Our dinners nowadays are available most evenings – you just have to ask. It is about 35 euros per person, made of 3 courses, includes coffee, chupito or a tiny shot of local Cartajima cherry brandy. Wine ranges from 15 to 29 Euros per bottle, mostly exquisite productions from local vineyards. 

As food preparation takes time, we need to know well in advance if you would like to dine. Please let us know before your arrival for first night and from then on we like to know at breakfast for that same evening. 

Never hesitate to ask for food, we're glad to prepare something special for you!

Some recent dinner options at Hotel Los Castaños in Cartajima