Why not walk your yummy picnic to the top of the high mountain?

Why not walk your picnic to the top of the high mountain?

The walking route to Ronda from Cartajima can be tough. Many have done and most have survived. A few came back if the going got too tough. But it is a great walk if a little long for some people.

From Hotel Los Castaños in Cartajima to Ronda over the mountains takes about five hours.

Recent guests who had been here for a week of hiking and had enjoyed most of our challenging hikes came up with an innovative plan which I hasten to share with you.

They walked half way to Ronda, to the highest point where the views are the most spectacular. On the image at the top of  this page, you can see the Almola mountain behind Cartajima. They walked just to the saddle on the left of it. And there they sat enjoying their delicious picnic: a freshly baked baguette, some Manchego cheese chunks, luscious local tomatoes (that not only look like tomatoes but have that old-fashioned taste and smell). I provided them with a  Smith´s Crisps style sea salt and freshly ground black pepper twist.

The only missing ingredient for pure bliss was a glass of Ronda rosado! But we could have arranged that had they thought of it.

The homeward trail is of course all down hill so a doddle even after a glass of rose!

Next time you come, try this walk to the high sierra with a picnic. And always book directly with the hotel for the best price and most attention.

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