Caminito del Rey

The infamous Caminito del Rey was reopened in 2015 after it was closed due to several deaths. The full length of the path is 7.7 km, including the walk in and the boardwalks. Advance tickets are required and the hard hats supplied must be worn. Lots more information and ticket purchase on the official Caminito Del Rey website.

As a guest of Los Castaños, we will be happy to get advance tickets for you if you let us know. It is just over a hour’s drive away from Cartajima so a lovely day’s excursion for those not inclined to vertigo.

The way of purchasing tickets changes all the time and at time of writing it is almost impossible to get a ticket that does not involve being in a group. But returning walkers have told me that you can leave the group as soon as you have gone through the ticket officce.

There are a couple of restaurants nearby or we can provide a picnic.

It is a linear walk and a bus brings you back to where you started.

Constructed in the early twentieth century for access to dam construction between Málaga and Ronda, this footpath, suspended over the gorge, hanging in midair, has long been a mecca for daring doers. It came to be known as the scariest hike in the world. After falling into dangerous disrepair and a series of deaths, the path was closed. Now, completely revamped and totally safe, it reopened in 2015 to the public.

Shortly after it reopened, the generous Delegación of Málaga (equivalent to the County Council) sent a luxury coach to the village to transport the group of about fifty members of the Cartajima Women´s Association to the northerly trailhead. When one member bottled out of walking the scariest hike in the world, John was invited to take her place. He was amazed by the views, the scenery, the sheer magnificence of it.

Give it a go! The occasional guest has complained that it wasn´t at all scary!

El Caminito del Rey. Málaga