Nearby National Parks

We are conveniently located between two of Spain´s fantastic parques nacionales: the well-known Sierra de Grazalema and the overlooked Sierra de las Nieves.

There is tons of information about the former online and we have detailed notes for a five-hour hike in the Grazalema Sierra but there are many more. Four of the hikes require a permit and hiking is prohibited during the warm months due to fire risk. We can help with permits if you give us enough notice. Please see here for more information about hiking permits.

The Sierra de Las Nieves is a rather different place as it is not so well known and consequently not as visited. We have two spectacular walks in the area with our up-to-date detailed notes.

It teems with wildlife – on a recent trip, without even trying, we saw wild boar and their family of piglets, wonderfully wild horses, just as wild peonies (!), ibex, rabbits, hoopoe, booted eagle. …

If you are into speleology, it has one of the deepest caves in Europe. We can introduce you to a local guide.

On one of our walks you can see remnants of the Civil War, chilling but interesting. This area was on the front line for a period during this vicious conflict eighty years ago.

It is home to the rare pinsapo pine which is only found here and in Morocco at high altitudes.

The area used to support several industries among them the production of ice. Read about it here in Spanish. On one of our walks you can see a restored icepit. Before refrigeration was invented, there were people whose job was to make ice and deliver it to the rich and famous via mule.

Sierra de las Nieves - Parque Natural