Visiting Cueva de la Pileta, near Ronda

Cueva de la Pileta is close to Ronda so close to Los Castaños. One of the many wonders of the Serrania de Ronda is this prehistoric cave, La Cueva de la Pileta (which means “pool”). It truly is a must-see when you stay with us if you have any interest in our early human ancestors.

Located just 20 minutes north-west of Ronda, it comprises a vast cave complex that has been used by humans during the Upper Paleolithic with “decoration” on the walls dating back to 20,000 BCE.

As a protective measure, there is no electric lighting so lanterns are distributed to the guided (in English) groups  of maximum 25 people allowed in at a time for an hour-long tour. This is just one of the aspects that makes this visit so romantic and memorable.

Just recently the family Bullon, who discovered it in 1911 and have cared it for ever since, have instigated a reservation system which is great. No need to be disappointed. One has to telephone – i.e. no online reservation system as yet – but if you let us know when you reserve your room at Los Castaños if you are interested, we can make the call for you.

Abbé Breuil, the famous Jesuit archaeologist and cave explorer, told the family in 1912 shortly after it was discovered:

“No permitas que nada dañe la Cueva. Sus pinturas son un tesoro que no tiene precio.”
“Don´t allow anything to damage the Cave. The pictures are a priceless treasure.”

Visiting Cueva de la Pileta, near Ronda

There is a lot of information about the site on their webpage, mostly in Spanish but some in English. A lot of videos too. And the telephone number to call for a reservation.

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