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When planning a visit to Ronda Andalucia, as when visiting any busy tourist destination, it is best to come prepared so you don´t miss the best bits. Hence this post seeks to help you get started. You can fill in the blank spaces as you go along. Or, when you come to stay at Los Castaños, ask us for our walking route around Ronda which also gives recommendations for unlikely places to stop for a bite.

Basic Information about Ronda, Andalucia

Ronda is the third most visited city in Andalucia probably after Granada and Sevilla. So it is a lot busier than it used to be but still worth visiting offering insights into the history, culture and gastronomy of this part of Spain. But at the end of a busy day you may prefer to return to our peaceful mountain village boutique hotel in the evening, 

How to get to Ronda

Ronda is located pretty much dead centre Andalucia so is accessible from north, south, east and west by road, bus, or train. 

For information about buses click here and ask us for help if necessary.

And for train timetables, click here. This can be confusing so don´t hesitate to ask for help.

If you are coming by car Ronda is well supplied with parking, underground and overground, so just follow the international blue P signs. 

For car hire from Malaga airport, we always suggest checking this site and our guests have always been happy with Allincarhire who do not insist upon you taking out expensive insurance.

For information once you are in Ronda, the tourist office is located by the bullring. Telephone 952 18 71 19

If you would like to join a guided tour, here is a link to available tours

The tourist office also sell a ticket which gives you entrance to the major monuments. Information here.

Anything else you need to know, just ask us. We operate as a tourist information centre for our guests 🙂

Major Sites of Ronda – the Five Must Sees

ronda city of dreams

The Tajo and Interpretation Centre

First of all, the iconic Tajo which means gorge. And gorgeous it is ☺ Several people have built bridges over it: the Roman built one, then the Arabs, and the Puente Nuevo (the new bridge) was opened in 1793. A previous attempt some years earlier collapsed and killed people but this one has stood the test of time. There is an Interpretation Center inside the Tajo which is worth visiting 

Opening hours : 

10:00 -19:00 (Monday to Friday)
10:00 -15:00 (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)

Ronda visit

Plaza de Toros

Just steps away from the Tajo is the plaza de toros. Now whatever you think about bullfighting, the museum and the plaza itself are worth visiting. Ronda claims to have the oldest plaza de toros in Spain and certainly Pedro Romero was a seminal character in the history of this deeply-engrained cultural activity.

Opening Hours:

10:00 – 19:00 (Monday to Sunday)

Arab baths ronda

Baños Arabes

The next absolute must see in Ronda are the Arab Baths (Baños Arabes) which have been restored beautifully and with a superb animated presentation. Unlike the Romans who relied upon immersion in hot water for their purification, the Arabs used steam, similar to a sauna. While you are there check out the Puente Arabe and then visit the modern hammam, Aguas de Ronda, where you can relive the experience of the ancients. Reservation is a good idea and we can help with that should you need it. Idea for a trip here.

Opening Hours:

10:00 – 19:00 (Monday to Friday) 

 10:00 – 15:00 (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays) 

ronda palace

Palacio de Mondragon

And now, feeling nice and relaxed, a gentle stroll up into the old town and the Palacio de Mondragon, a 14th century private palace that was built during the Moorish times for the son of the sultan of Morocco. The building is small but rich in detail. The gardens are a reminder of the Generalife in Granada at the Alhambra. The historical information is also of great interest. Look out for the Palacio de Moctezumo, ancestors of the Aztec emperor. How strange is that!

Opening Hours:

10:00 – 19:00  (Monday to Friday) 

10:00 – 15:00 (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays) 

visit Ronda Andalusia

Arab Water Mine

The Casa del Rey Moro or, more accurately, the Arab Water Mine. The house is in a sad state as you can see above. I visited it in the 60´s when some friends were renting it. They said “Look what we have in our garden!” and led us to the Water Mine. No lighting in those day!! But now it is fully illuminated and goes down some 300 steps to the river below. It dates to the 14th century when the Arabs and Christians were battling for dominance over the town. Under siege conditions, slaves would transport water up in skins to keep the population going.

Opening Hours:

10:00 – 20:30 (Monday to Sunday)

So. Those are my top five things to visit in Ronda, Andalucia. There are many many more. It is a rich and varied town thanks to its long fascinating history. As you go from one to the other of these five sites, you will encounter other treasures.

If you need any information just ask me. I am a fount of information – mostly useless of course! Book now for a fabulous visit to Ronda!

PS The photo at the top of the page has not been mentioned but, if you can find these two gates, you will discover inside one of the best gastrotapas places in Ronda, De Locos Tapas. Reservation is required.

Here is a list of opening times published by the tourist office by the Plaza de Toros. It is a guide but times change from time to time.

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