birding with Peter Jones

The Joy of Serrania de Ronda

In this guest post by our local ornithologist, Peter Jones, he talks about the joy of the Serrania de Ronda, the mountainous area surrounding Cartajima where we are located. When referring to the glorious photograph above, he likes to call … Read More

olive oil tasting in Ronda

Olive oil tasting in Ronda

Contact details at the end of the blog. There are tours at 1100, 1300 and 1500 but obviously this varies so best to call Mara and ask. 20 € per person LA Organic Experience, olive oil tasting in Ronda, is by far … Read More

ronda ronda

A Visit to Ronda Andalucia

Tips on where to start on a visit to Ronda, Andalucia, A lot to see and we don´t want you to miss the best bits. … Read More

Wine and Food Festivals Andalucia

The Alto Genal Valley near Ronda is home to 7 small pueblos blancos, four of which celebrate a local food or wine in November. … Read More

Ronda Shopping Guide for Interesting Gifts

Ronda Interesting Gift Guide

This is your Ronda interesting gift guide! I must confess straight away that I am not a shopper. In fact I go to enormous lengths to avoid buying anything – except food of course! That´s another matter. The idea of … Read More

Ronda, City of Dreams

Ronda City of Dreams

Ronda City of Dreams ….. as Rilke famously commented in 1912, during a bout of writer´s block. whilst living in Ronda, the City of Dreams … “He buscado por todas partes la ciudad soñada, y al fin la he encontrado … Read MoreRead More

guitar concert Ronda

Flamenco Guitar in Ronda

Flamenco guitar in Ronda When I opened Los Castaños in 2004, there were no local Ronda wines available nor was there any classical Spanish guitar music early enough in the evening for foreigners to enjoy. As in every Andalucian town … Read More

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