Ronda tapa bar
Ronda tapa bar

Ronda favourite tapa place, El Lechugita


Thanks again to our adventurous guests, we can now recommend another fantastic tapas bar in Ronda. Known and loved by many, overlooked by us!

El Lechuguita or the “little lettuce” is a bar right in the centre of the town. I seem to remember it has a different name outside which is initially confusing (more of that below) but just stumble on and you will be amazed. John and I did and were enchanted by the atmosphere to begin with. It was bustling with life and very much a “local” for many people. No foreignors which always seems a plus if only to be sure they are not catering just to a tourist trade. Local trade feels more honest and interesting.

They have an extensive menu with just about every tapa you can imagine. All the traditionals and some originals. The are printed on sheets of paper which are scattered around the tables. Pencils also are strewn around. You check off what you want and hand it in to the nearest barperson. But be sure to ask for a glass of wine first to help with the mulling over of the list! The house red is lovely and smooth.

Choices are hard but portions are small so you can have a lot of things. And although it might go against your natural inclinations, do start with the eponymous lechuga. It is so simple and so utterly delicious with an incredible dressing that is sort of white indicating that there is something maybe dairy in it.

I made so bold as to ask the person who appeared to be in charge what the dressing was and clearly he had been asked many times before. He rattled off the obvious ingredients without pausing for breath: oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and garlic. But I know there is more to it than that . Maybe there is a tad, just a dash, of mayonnaise. Or cream. But I didn´t get a stomach ache afterwards so can´t be that. Anyway the challenge is on and I dare you to try to find out next time you are in Ronda tapa bars.

Make your way to the bar that is called something else but is actually El Lechuguita and have a glass of Ronda w​ine and choose from the copious list but have the lettuce first so as not to ruin your palate. And then figure it out. And then please let me know

tapas in ronda, andalucia

Just to help you get oriented, this is the sign that is outside the bar. So it used to be Bar Casa Moreno but now El Lechugita. Just a note for the picky linguists among my readers. Lettuce in Spanish,  i.e. la lechuga, is feminine but bar is masculine which is why it is El Lechuguita and not La Lechuguita which what I have written earlier but will now correct. Now I´ve figured it out. 

Just need the sauce figured out now but I am prepared to bet that nobody, not even my most persuasive guests, will be able to winkle it out of them. Good luck and buen provecho!

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