horseback riding near Ronda Andalucia

Many guests ask where they can go horse riding near Ronda during their stay with us. (horseback riding in American parlance!) Finally I have the answer!

horse riding near Ronda

When I was growing up, every little girl had the choice of horse riding or ballet. I chose ballet as I had an unfounded fear of these large animals with the big eyes. 

On a recent visit to Paddock Paradise , a horse riding centre just outside Ronda, I was enthralled with the magnificent gentle creatures and regretted that childhood choice. 

It´s called Paddock Paradise and it is indeed a paradise for horses. Juan Román showed us around and explained the underlying philosophy. The horses are unfettered, free to roam the extensive land in their social group which they do all day and night. They eat sixteen hours per day which is normal. They don´t have bits in their mouths, they don´t have shoes on their feet. And they are the most delightful animals. Quiet, approachable, totally wonderful, and absolutely safe to ride even for children.


horseback riding near Ronda Andalucia

Juan Ramon told us the history of the horse paradise which was created by an American called Jaime Jackson. His research with wild horses showed him the way “to stimulate horses to behave and move naturally according to their instincts”. You can read all about his inspirational philosophy on his web page.

horseriding Andalucia

Paddock Paradise in Ronda offers several options for skilled riders and newbies. 

You can go just for an hour – in the case of beginners, the hour will include basic instruction.  Or for two hours. Or, longer if you are experienced. The routes are varied and include romantic interludes with champagne! Check out their website where you will find all the details and, if you need help, reserving, we will be pleased to assist. Reservations can be made directly on their website which has an English version.

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