Car hire Spain Malaga airport

Car hire Spain Malaga Airport

Car hire Spain Malaga airport

Car hire Spain Malaga airport. This blog post is a blatant plug for a car hire company at Malaga airport. No, we are not getting a kickback. But we are so tired of our guests starting their holidays in a frantic state having been pummeled and bullied by car hire companies at the airport in Malaga. All over the Excess Insurance issue. I don´t know if it is still going on but it was brutal for a while so not worth taking the risk.

This was a real issue in 2018 and the terrorising of people renting cars had become relentless. Even if you have your own insurance which covers excess, and there are many such policies on the market, the staff at the desks insist that you can´t have a car unless you buy their insurance. Unless you are really bolshy and can stand up to their bullying, it will cost you a fortune. Guests have been forced to pay hundreds of euros for a product they don’t need. 

Insurance is clearly a highly lucrative racket and everybody is jumping on the bandwagon. My bank hassles me every time I go in to the branch to buy their insurance for the building, the contents, the public liability, the cars, etc. even health insurance.

So the simple remedy that I would like all my guests to be aware of is to hire from All In Car Hire in Malaga. Their prices are just what they say – all in. Naturally the price is higher than others will quote but the insurance is included. 

Hence the blatant plug. Avoid the lines and lines of people arguing and beginning their holidays with anger and frustration.

If you should need help with car hire, we are more than willing to assist and it won´t cost you any more. We are not in the business of taking commissions from anybody. ♥

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