OTT Prawn Cocktail

OTT Prawn Cocktail! In the seventies, the standard meal “out” was prawn cocktail, steak and chips, black forest gateau. The prawn cocktail was a simple affair – shredded iceberg lettuce, prawns and a yucky pink sauce. Last night I decided … Read More

Confit de Pato Parmentier

A few years ago, John and I had the good fortune to have a week´s barge holiday in France. Our boat wasn´t ready for us upon our arrival so we went off to find lunch and, my lunch karma, as … Read More



GR141 route through the beautiful Serrania de Ronda The Andalucian government created this magnificent GR141 route by restoring ancient paths and connecting them to make a six-stage hike through a beautiful part of Spain, beginning and ending in the stunning … Read More

Neanderthal art in Andalucia

Neanderthal art in Andalucia

The picture above of Neanderthal art in Andalucia may not look like much but it is something absolutely incredible. They are red ochre markings on a cave wall here in Andalucia (Ardales about an hour from Los Castaños) made by … Read MoreRead More

how to make perfect mince pie

How to Make Perfect Mince Pies

How to make perfect mince pies is a strange topic for me. I am not ashamed to admit that, experienced cook as I am, I avoid making pastry. Surely cooking is subjective so we cook what we like to eat … Read More

Los Riscos de Cartajima

Geocaching in the Serrania de Ronda

Geocaching in the Serrania de Ronda is something we learned about some ten years ago. A Belgian couple made a reservation to stay with us. It struck us as odd at the outset as it was for 16 days. Unusual. … Read More

Ronda parking map

Where to park in Ronda?

where to park in Ronda is a frequently asked question. It is a busy tourist town and it helps to have the info before you get there. … Read More

Art in Cartajima

Rural mural art in Cartajima

Rural Mural ART in cARTajima! Summer of 2020 will long be remembered as the time of plague that put an end to all all normal activities.  Nowhere was this more true than in the little picturesque Andalucian mountain village of … Read More

great veggies

Necessity is the mother of soup

Necessity is the mother of soup Some years ago I was sailing on a boat with my family of one husband and two small girls. We set sail one day from Jaguanum Island to Rio de Janeiro. It was a … Read More

colouring for grownups at a hotel near Ronda

Colouring for Grown ups at a hotel near Ronda

Colouring for Grownupsat a hotel near Ronda On a recent trip to the UK several things surprised me: the efficiency and kindness of the NHS when my daughter broke her arm falling off a chair whilst setting up a show, … Read MoreRead More