We are kids friendly :-)

“All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

We have travelled a lot with our children and were always happy to find accommodation where children were welcome. In addition to a family-friendly pricing policy, we would like to give you a brief list what we offer for children and their families:

  • 1 baby cot with bedding
  • 2 baby/toddler nests with bedding
  • 1 extra bed for older children or optionally a mattress with bedding
  • booster seat for the chairs in the restaurant
  • a small play corner with e.g. mini-supermarket, lego, games (our kids are used to share their toys)
  • Baby monitor (without camera) so that parents can still sit comfortably in the lounge or on the terrace in the evening
  • scooter and bicycle for hire

There is a playground in the village and children can explore the village on their own because it is safe. 
If you want to hike with children, we have tested routes with our little ones. We are also happy to pack lunches for picnics.

Usually the children get the same food (breakfast and dinner) as everyone else, because trying new things is so important. However, in case of emergency we always have a small supply in the house so that we can fulfil other wishes. We know that children are hungry all day … ;-) Just ask if you need something. 

We are happy to have children in the house, but we do not have a completely childproof house. In particular, children are not allowed to use our roof terrace without parents. At this point we are cautious and ask for your understanding.