Meet your Hosts

Meet our friendly team before you come to stay. You will see a familiar face when you knock on the old chestnut doors that lead to the inner sanctum of Los Castanos!

Sasha (rising star in the front), Antje (beauty in the back), Samuel (the crazy smiling boy) and Frank (undoubtedly his dad)

It’s time to introduce ourselves. We are Antje (44) and Frank (46) with Samuel (4) and Sasha (11) from Germany, more precisely from Dresden. The hotel is run by Frank, while Antje contributes her free time to help as often as possible. In her primary life, Antje is a politician in a regional parliament in Germany. 

We have both spent the last 2 decades in German and European politics. While Antje has originally worked in tourism as a product manager for a tour operator, Frank had his early professional experiences in construction, fashion logistics and as a Chef. 

It's been not just the Corona pandemic that changed the way we travel. People want a more sustainable and responsible tourism after all. This is changing the whole industry we are part of.

When we traveled, we were always on the lookout for places that seemed untouched, that were less crowded, where you could get a sense of the country, the history and its people. Accommodations typical of the country, yet comfortable, just family-like. Places where you could find your peace and quiet, but also dive into the colorful life instantly, these were our choice. 

Exactly for those reasons we decided to take over the Hotel in 2022. Hotel Los Castaños offers exactly that. We are happy to have found this wonderful place, built with so much love and passion and so much sense of nature, the local conditions and regionality. 

We love Andalusia and think there is hardly a more beautiful spot to find in Europe. Vibrant cities, beautiful white villages, breathtaking mountain landscapes, endless beaches and welcoming family hospitality. The Serrania de Ronda, a region off the beaten track with all its diversity.

We're offering you a place that is an excellent base for excursions and hikes, where you can get to know Spain from its most beautiful side. In Cartajima you will be in the middle of it all, in a warm and typical atmosphere. 

We are a family-run house, which respects diversity in all its colors, is kosher friendly and offers professional standards, individuality and sincerity. We want to spoil our guests and support you as much as possible to make your stay in Andalusia wonderful. As we have children of our own, children are welcome, yet we are not a typical family hotel. Feel free to ask us what we're able to provide. 

Also culinary-wise Los Castaños is a special place. We offer our guests a 3-course surprise dinner every evening exploiting the Mediterranean cuisine with influences from Israel, Greece, Italy, Morocco and of course Spain and especially Andalusia instead of a classical á la carte menu. 

We are aware of the footsteps we stepped into and remain grateful to the former Owners Di Beach and John Walker for being patient with us, providing us with advice and assistance to take over the hotel with all its unique characteristics. We started and will continue to run this wonderful place with all our passion and creativity.

That's us, the incoming and the outgoing team. So proud not only to got to know Di and John, but literally following their footsteps.