Videos of Los Castaños

This is a gallery of video glimpses of the paradise we have created in Cartajima, the picturesque village in the Alto Genal near Ronda

The first video on offer is a magical mystery narrative! A tale of wonder telling the story of a beautiful woman finding her way to this remote oasis. Her journey shows you the area in general, Ronda, Cartajima and the stunning mountainscapes that surround us.

A recent guest came with his drone!

The next video was the work of a visiting blogger,  Watching this makes me realise how many changes we have made in the intervening years to the colour schemes and amenities. Always improving!

I was amazed to be awarded the Best Inland Hotel by the Academia Gastronomica Malagueña recently. Not because I didn´t think we deserved it but because I didn´t think anybody knew about us, hidden away as we are in the hills of Andalucia. I can only think that our reviews on Tripadvisor had something to do with it. I had to make a short speech which was unnerving – I had planned my grateful acceptance but the moment I was behind the podium forgot every word!

This next video is another interview that was initiated by the Ayuntamiento or Town Hall of Cartajima when they saw we were celebrating ten years of successful 

Rob and Ju are frequent visitors to Los Castaños and Ju loves her poached eggs for breakfast. After all my years of cooking and learning and experimenting, poaching eggs was something I never fathomed. Rob, airline pilot (!), offered to teach me. I can now poach a perfect egg!!

What follows is a very special video of an adventure I had in the 60s living in Africa, building a boat on the island of Lamu, and sailing half way round the world with two children. 

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