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Cartajima Church Before and After

The church in Cartajima was built, as were most of the others in the area, in 1505 after what is called in Spanish the reconquista at the end of the many centuries-long battle to reclaim Spanish territory from the Arabs who had invaded in 711.

Cartajima boys lose their toys

Over the last fifteen years living in this small traditional village, I have watched as Easter celebrations became ever rowdier, uncontrolled exuberance, and dangerous to the point that we were probably the only hotel in Spain that could not accept guests over the Easter weekend because the noise was prohibitive.

New Bar in Cartajima

Antonio and Maribel have just opened a sweet little bar in a back street of Cartajima. A charming mix of Irish pub, French bistro, and Andalucian living room, it is a great new addition to our night life. They have a small selection of tapas, outside seating, and smiley welcomes!

Cartajima Tales or a Picnic with Jesus

Just like those who gathered to go to Canterbury in the fourteenth century, the people of Cartajima are gathering to go on a pilgrimage. Not in "Aprill, with his shoures soote" but June. Not Canterbury or even Rome, but the hill behind the village.

Where do Sweet Chestnuts come from?

Sweet Chestnuts are the basis of the economy for the villagers of the Alto Genal. They spend all year pruning and grafting, then collecting and selling the fruit. The harvest is celebrated with joy every year at the beginning of November - with generous amounts of anis!

Best Road in Andalucia

The Road to Nowhere now definitely goes somewhere! Just look at it. Tarmacked beautifully with magnificent white lines and no drop-offs. Such a pity! Before the road-makers come, our road was so romantic with its bumps and lumps, narrow places and blind bends. I miss it.

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