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Dining chez nous

Hotel Los Castanos cartajima tapa tree

Named Malaga's Best Inland Hotel by the Academia Gastronomica de Malaga

3 course dinner with amuse-bouche, coffee and chocolates is 33 euros per person. Please order in advance as it is pretty slow food. Generally served at 730pm for 8pm. Please advise dietary restrictions and food allergies, all of which can be catered for.

I have long been interested in food. In general. Wherever I travelled I had to ask people what they ate. In a different life I would have been an anthropologist of food and helped to make poverty history. But in this life, I love to feed people especially people who love eating ♥, I drive my small team crazy by experimenting when we have a house full of guests!! So far it´s always been OK but you never know ...! Hotel Los Castanos cartajima Ding chez Nous

At the moment, because of where we are, I am focused on a mixture (don´t like the word fusion) of Spanish and North Africa flavours and combinations. It´s what I call Western Mediterranean. It is simple, healthy, interesting featuring local produce - always lots of vegetables as that is my passion.  Many guests appreciate this aspect after travelling in Spain as veggies are not high on the agenda normally. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, not a problem as long as we know in advance. Halal might be tricky unless you are happy with vegetarian.

Hotel Los Castanos cartajima Ding chez Nous

Our food has received many compliments and last year we were awarded the Best Inland Hotel by the Gastronomic Academy of Malaga. I tried to tell them that my food was nothing special but they didn´t believe me as it is one of the most frequent comments in online reviews. Delicious, Delightful, Divine!!

Hotel Los Castanos cartajima Ding chez Nous

My food is slow and from scratch so we always need advance notice either at breakfast time if you are already here or when you reserve for your first evening. As you can see there are other choices in the village so you won´t go hungry. And we can always rustle up a salad, a sandwich, some roasted vegetables, something interesting. It's no trouble so don't hesitate to ask. Unless it's midnight in which case you won't find me!

Hotel Los Castanos cartajima Ding chez Nous

Interesting article by Houston blogger about our food and global trends

We are currently trying really really hard to buy only ecological (known as organic to some but isn´t it all organic?) vegetables in particular. There was a rumour that the newly opened Aldi in Ronda had a good selection but, upon inspection, they were heavily packaged and that is kind of ridiculous. Don´t you agree? So the only place within a radius of 20 km which is our limit from a carbon-footprint point of view, is Ronda market. A quite sad place as there are now so many supermarkets in the town but a few stalwarts carry on and the bar is lively - always a plus. I love market bars!! There was one in Bahia, northern Brasil that was so captivating and the food so wonderful - but that´s another story for another blog. Perhaps. Anyway there is one stall that has ecological veges and a good selection but you can never tell which day they are going to arrive and, if you aren´t au fait with that information, they can look a bit sad. Probably still have all their vitamins intact and none of the pesticides but fresh and frisky is best. So we are doing our best. For ourselves and for you.

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