Best ham slicer in Spain

Leocadio began his ham slicing career in the military in the 60s when he worked in the canteen making sandwiches. Clearly the pressure was on to cut the jamon as thinly as possible. He thus learned a skill that he has translated into a career. He started winning first prize at ham cutting competitions in 2002 followed by his sons and then his daughter who was the first woman to win first prize in the illustrious Madrid competition.

Leocadio has an uncanny ability to slice from your chosen jamon onto a piece of greaseproof paper. He pops it on the scale and always, without exception, it weights exactly 100 grams. We began to think the scales were rigged! 

In the photo above, Leocadio is third from the right. He is always there in the shop, professionally turned out and ready with a smile and to help, accompanied by his children and grandchildren. Great guy!

Best ham slicer in Spain

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