Gastronomic Award Lunch

After the usual appetisers of jamon (which comes in many shades - this was of course the best "de bellota" or fed on acorns), almond cheese from Malaga, olives from Alora, and some lovely croquetas made from aubergine and sprinkled with cane syrup - a reinvention of a popular Malagueña tapa.

Then the meal started. I was so interested that they were serving Ajo Blanco, one of Andalucia´s famed cold soups but which I have always hesitated to serve as it is so rich and doesn´t seem to go with wine very well. But it worked so you can expect to see it on our summer menus. Whilst it is traditionally served with floating white grapes, the Academy paired it with dry figs and tataki de tuna.

Gastronomic Award Lunch

The fish course was John Dory with esencia de carabinero (a deep sea cardinal prawn), quinoa cooked in squid ink with a sprinkling of lemongrass.

Gastronomic Award Lunch

Next up was a steak. Now I haven´t eaten a steak for probably thirty years but I felt I had to make an attempt. We were sitting at a round table of eight people, all of whom would have put great value on the meat, so I ate little bits and it was the tenderest meat I have ever tasted. Very yummy sauce of coffee and brandy.

Gastronomic Award Lunch

Dessert was utterly divine and I don´t normally eat them either. (you will begin to think I am a picky person!) Ginger sorbet with apricots and rosemary flavoured chocolate.

hGastronomic Award Lunch

Chocolate truffles - three flavours - and coffee to finish. Each course accompanied by a delicious wine. 

All in all it was a fantastic lunch. Thank you to the illustrious Academia.

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