Coronavirus Precautions

Coronavirus Precautions

Important points about Los Castaños

  • We are abiding by all governmental and WHO recommendations and some innovative ideas of our own.
  • We are a small secluded exclusive property in a remote country area
  • Small village with mostly elderly population (pop 100) and no cases of Covid
  • Wonderful pristine mountain walking
  • Spacious open plan common areas allow distance between guests and lots of space to be alone
  • We will only be using 3 of our 6 rooms for the moment except for family groups thus reducing occupancy
  • We have removed most decorative items as requested by the authorities
  • We have invested in a WHO recommended ozone generator to supplement our cleaning protocol
  • There will be sanitising gel placed in the entrance way and other strategic places.
  • We have put sanitising mats at the entrances
  • Our floors are ceramic tiles – no carpets
  • Controlled access – our entrance door is always closed
  • Our coronavirus precautions have been intensively researched and implemented
  • We have retrofitted our AC units with MERV 13 filters which remove at least 90% of all pollution and bacteria
  • Los Castaños has vast windows and doors allowing complete ventilation
  • Not the cheapest so you can be assured that everything possible has been done to ensure a pleasant, peaceful and risk-free stay.
  • As always we will not be taking deposits so if you need to cancel at the last minute there is no financial complication and no cancellation fees

boutique hotel room

Breakfast and Dinner

We will not be serving our usual breakfast buffet but we will serve you at your table after you have chosen from a menu of all our normal goodies. We will bring it to you rather than you having to go for it.

Dinner will continue as normal. Guests often choose to sit together and that must remain their choice. We can seat you further apart but still within reasonable conversational distance.

Salon, honesty bar access, rooftop terrace

The salon area, where guests enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail, will be closed from 2200 hours until the morning for ozone cleaning. 

We will serve all guests what they need from the honesty bar. 

The rooftop terrace will remain open as it is very expansive and three couples can keep lots of space between them. 

walking the Serrania de Ronda
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