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The Alto Genal is definitely the place to be in November! Four of the seven small villages scattered around the Alto Genal valley have a special festival celebrating an important aspect of local produce. But this is Andalucia so there is plenty of joyful partying – eating and dancing and joining in the celebration. This November make a point of coming this way to participate in a wine and food festival Andalucia style. Bring your dancing shoes.

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When? Last Saturday in November. 30th November, 2019

Mosto is a young white wine made in all the villages but Cartajima celebrates the harvest every year with a fabulous party! After the formal tasting by professional wine-tasters, the numbered-for-secrecy wines are distributed for the non-professionals to enjoy. Lunch and live music, stands selling local produce, verdiales (a local flamenco form), and of course a bar. Dance till the early hours fuelled by local food and wine. Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) here

The clip below is from one of the early Mosto festivals, 2008. A sparse and local population enjoying live music. The word is out and many people come from the surrounding area.


When? The first weekend in November. 1 – 2 November, 2019 

Over the weekend 1st and 2nd November, Pujerra will celebrate the chestnut harvest with all-day and all-night dancing and merry-making. Roasted chestnuts will be available all day – traditionally paired with a shot of anis – delicious. Tasting of over fifty products made with chestnuts. There will also be an interesting exhibition of traditional artefacts used by chestnut farmers. Don’t miss this lively event – stay with us in Cartajima, just a short drive away. Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) here

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The youtube clip shows the glorious autumnal colours that fill the valley of sweet chestnuts in November. We cannot accurately judge when it is going to happen – it all depends upon the temperatures which are not very reliable these days.


When? second weekend in November. 9th November 2019

On the 9th November the residents of Parauta will be putting on their aprons to prepare their favourite rabbit and rice dish to share with neighbours and visitors alike. Of course, the inevitable Andalucian all-night dancing and partying and merry-making! Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) here. Parauta is just a few kilometres from Cartajima so it makes sense to make a luxury break of it and stay with us 🙂

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When? the second weekend in November. 

A 3-day fun conference exploring many aspects of fungi. Be aware, however, that Juzcar is now the world’s first (did someone say, and the last!) Smurf* town and is a centre of mass tourism. To escape the blues, stay in traditional Cartajima while enjoying the fascinating fungi story.   Ayuntamiento (Town Hall)

  • Júzcar was stripped of its Smurf status a while back but remains blue. It is now La Aldea Azul and they put on various activities for kids. 
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