Where to eat in the Serrania de Ronda

Where to eat in the Serrania de Ronda


Continuing our self-sacrificial search for the best places for you to eat when out hiking from Los Castaños,

we went to check out the possibilities in Igualeja, one of the seven villages of the Alto Genal valley near Ronda. Igualeja is on the route of one of our triangular hikes that takes about 5-6 hours so, by the time you get to the village, you will no doubt be hungry. 

There are more bars open in the village than on our last recce and we valiantly sampled a few. Igualeja is a workaday sort of place with no fancy food but, after analysing all the data, we picked the best of the plain fare which fortunately coincided with the most beautiful and peaceful.

Where to eat in the Serrania de Ronda

The location is lovely. And iconic. The birthplace of the river Genal. The place where it thunders out of the rocks and cascades down into the valley and on until it reaches a bigger brother and empties into the Mediterranean near Estepona. 

A quiet unadorned sort of place where the locals come to sip and tapear (to eat tapas). We had patatas deluxe – which were cooked to creamy perfection. And we tried a flamenquin, a roll of ham and cheese.

As is usually the case in Andalucia, most things are fried but never mind, you will walk off the extra calories on the way back to Cartajima.

Alternatively, if you are really dedicated, the Nacimiento (birthplace) is very close to two remarkable caves with stalagtites and -mites, you could explore the Excentrica and Fuensanta!

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