Visiting Ronda Andalucia

 Three unique Ronda events

The world-famous Goyesca, the iconic bullfight,  takes place this year on Saturday, 10th September and, if you happen to be in Ronda, it’s a visual feast. I don’t mean the corridaitself but the hoohah surrounding it.

 Three unique Ronda events

Andalucia is a sensual place and nothing brings out this aspect of the culture more than a fiesta. The vibrant colours, the cacophony of bands and excited people, the aromas of jasmine and ladies’ perfume, each of the senses is drawn into this epic story of life and death.

Prior to the bullfight, magnificent, beautifully decorated horse-drawn carriages process through Ronda, everybody on board dressed in 18th century Goyesque attire. The carriages hold the bullfighters, the official damas, and town dignitaries, all dressed up to the nines in costumes from the Goya era. It is a rare and beautiful sight. After watching that, I suggest you amble into a local bar for some sherry and tapas.

The whole event celebrates not just Ronda’s eminent position in the bullfighting world, often referred to as the cradle of bullfighting, but also the artist Goya, a fierce critic of Spanish society but clearly an aficionado of bullfighting about which at the time there was no sensitivity.

And now on a different note …

The Very First Ronda Fest 17th September 2016

A new festival organised by the Town Hall et al and subtitled a Festival of Alternative Music. The lineup you can see on the poster and it’s taking place in the Recinto Ferial on the eastern edges of the town.

If doesn’t ring your bell, perhaps this will …

1st European Open of V. P. T (Vertical Progression Techniques) in Caving 16-18 Sept

and also

1st European Open of Canyoning

 Three unique Ronda events

These events will have junior, senior and veteran classes. For all the information and to join this madness, go to the organisers’ site, ASEDEB  where there are full details in English of the routes to be taken.

As if all this extreme stuff was not enough it seems that “to make the abseiling more magnificent, some sprinklers will be located on the parapet of the Puente Viejo, simulating a waterfall spraying down over the sports men and women. This water flow will help to clean the river, removing water that possibly still remains from the summer due to a shortage of rain.” Crikey!

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