The Ocean Voyager and Me

The Ocean Voyager and Me

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It is a thrilling moment when you first hold a manuscript that has turned miraculously into a book. The Ocean Voyager and Me has been a long time in the making and what a relief it is, as well as a source of pride. The book is a cruising narrative, a sailing story, an autobiographical memoir.

The Ocean Voyager and Me

The blurb on the back will inspire you!

“Di Beach’s flowing prose and superb command of the English language makes this book an unputtdownable pageturner that sweeps the reader along to the final pages which will bring tears to the most jaundiced of eyes. Not the usual subject matter of a pageturner but a thoughtful and exquisitely written tale of a voyage both actual and virtual. 

An enthralling chronicle of a rebellious teenager discovering freedom, fearlessness and the secrets of a non-aligned life. Unable to suppress her adventurous spirit, Di Beach takes the extreme step of suing her parents for legal independence. When she flees to Uganda and marries Rod, a wild genius of a man, little does she know just where that daredevil attitude will lead. 

Tirelessly intrigued by new experiences, Di’s descriptions are vivid: exploring Africa, building a boat on a small Islamic island, sailing across oceans, and learning to cook everywhere she goes. She continues her adventures on an Andalucian mountainside where she runs a small boutique hotel in Andalucia near the historic town of Ronda. The intrepid travellers who find this amazing oasis are fascinated by her tales and seduced by her food. And for her next adventure, who can tell.”


The Ocean Voyager and Me is available in either paperback or kindle format from any of the usual Amazon sites. Or, if you are lucky enough to visit Hotel Los Castaños, Di could sell you an autographed copy! Woo hoo!! Hope you enjoy the read.

And now I can get on with the next project.

Which is the long-anticipated cookbook or foodbook. It is about my food journey starting with being a total ignoramus about food due to lack of exposure to cooking and good food and the slow sometimes painful progress to winning a gastronomic food award. Some journey!

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