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Best Team Building Venue Andalucia is in the Alto Genal valley just 15 minutes south-west of Ronda.

A group of ardent young techies from a small company in the south of England came to stay at Los Castaños recently for a week. They had two purposes as I understand it: to use our mountain landscape as a test ground for some high tech equipment and to get to know each other better and work together more intimately. It worked! 

team building in Andalucia

It was an unusual experience for us as they were a cohesive group who frankly spoke another language (high tech!!) needing nothing from us except the occasional beer or sherry at the end of the day and a good meal in the evening. We are so used to looking after our guests, even being a source of entertainment on occasion as we are quizzed about the why and how of Los Castaños.

Advantages of Los Castaños for a group activity:

Luxury Accommodation for up to 12 :

Our rooms are equipped with kingsize beds or we can supply two twins. Whatever is required by your group. As you can see, each room is fully independant with its own bathroom, balcony, tea and coffee making equipment, hairdryers, robes and slippers and many other small luxuries. It is a home within a home ♥ 

The views are marvellous and different from each room and in every season. Cleaned meticulously on a daily basis, our team offer the highest attention to detail.

The Private Retreat Room

Excellent Food and Wine:

We provide a sumptuous breakfast presented in the traditional Spanish buffet style but with healthy options. Eggs can be prepared for you anyway you wish from a French omelette to poached on toast. Coffee and tea ad lib. Freshly squeezed orange juice praised by many I suspect because most hotels serve carton juice. The hotel where I am writing this does just that. 

For those days when you are off to the hills, just ask us for a picnic. We do encourage guests to share the wealth and patronise local bars wherever possible but, if you are going wild, you will need one of our lovely picnics. The only thing we ask is that you return the wrappings for recycling.

Dinner is of course the spectacular culmination to a day and the award-winning dishes from our kitchen are highly praised. Not teeny portions nor yet too big but geared to our guests personal needs. 

team building Andalucia

The Landscape

The mountains that surround us lend themselves to many interesting activities, not least of which is hiking the trails connecting the seven small white villages (correction! six white villages and one blue village!) We have documented hikes and mountain biking routes – some tougher than others.
The possibilities for using our landscape for group activities are limited only by your imagination: treasure hunting, outward bound, horse riding, canyoning and other water adventures. Buggy riding in the rough wilderness around of Ronda.
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Just let us know what sort of activities you would like for your group, how much or how little you would like us to include in the price, and we will send you a quotation. No obligation obviously!
Wild Buggy Riding around Ronda
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