Stargazing in Andalucia Forest of Stars

Stargazing in Andalucia Forest of Stars


We received a telephone call one busy evening recently from a Spanish couple frantically looking for accommodation. “We have to be in the Parque Natural de las Nieves at nine thirty,” they said. “How far away are you?”

“Very close,” say I. “Eight minutes to be precise. If you hurry.”

“OK. We´re on our way.”

They duly arrived, claimed their key, thrust money into my reluctant hands, and dashed out the door not to be seen again until breakfast the next morning. Not given to prying into our guests´ activities, we couldn’t resist winkling out of them where they had been.

Stargazing, they said. Just at the entrance to the Parque Natural which is just down the road, well ten minutes away, where there are no street lights.

Astrolab bring a high resolution, portable telescope and explain the heavens above to a small group. Hot tea is provided at half time as it can get quite chilly.

Yet one more great activities that we can offer our discerning guests in this pristine part of Andalucia. Come gaze at the stars either from our rooftop terrace for free or with expert information from Astrolab.

And remember, book direct for the best service, prices, and information.

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