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“Charming Ronda Boutique Hotel” says recent guest

A recent review on Tripadvisor touches on many of the aspects of Los Castaños that make it the “hidden gem” and “charming Ronda boutique hotel” beloved by so many.

“We spent a couple of nights with Di and John to extend our 2 week stay in Spain. Oh my days, are we glad we did! A fantastic boutique hotel. Very personal service.

Superb food. As part of our package we had dinner booked. It is a “surprise menu”.i.e. you have no idea what you are getting. In this day and age where we have so many choices day to day it was wonderful to have the choice made for you. (We were asked for allergies/dislikes when we checked in) We had deep fried olives as an aperitif which were a delicious. Ask for them :). The food was locally sourced and beautifully cooked.

Excellent wine, fabulous G&T. We had no hesitation in booking dinner on the second night. Great breakfast too. Scrambled eggs recommended.

Our room (8) was excellent. Great big bed, a couple of easy chairs, balcony, shutters to keep out the light, great shower, lovely toiletries. What more could you ask for. Plenty of books to pick up, I could happily have stayed in all day and pottered around the book shelves.

The ambience in the hotel was wonderful. Very chilled. Great energy around, very positive. We left feeling refreshed and wandered down to Malaga all the better for a couple of nights in Los Castanos.”

A lovely review you must agree and we are always so grateful. Returning guests always get a discount on their subsequent stay with us but those who go to the trouble of putting up beautiful reviews get our undying gratitude!

Love them and hate them, review sites such as Google and Tripadvisor, which are the two biggies, are essential for hidden away, off the beaten track small hotels  like Los Castaños. Without them and our wonderful reviews, we are hard to find unless you put in exactly the right search terms such as “romantic boutique hotel near Ronda. If you type that, we are top of the list. But how many people are going to realise that is what they want and type those exact words. Not very many. It is for that reason that reviews are so essential to us. I even get so cheeky as to ask guests if they will contribute to our success by submitting a review.

All these sites depend on recency so, if you haven´t had a review for say a year, you drop to the bottom of the pile.

I often ask guests how they found us because it turns out that it is difficult! Cartajima is not on most maps and, although Ronda is very close (15 mins drive), our village seems a long way when looking at a Google map. Few people remember their trajectory through the web and that is of course the point of the whole thing – everything connected in an intricate network of links and sites. But some do remember and it´s by searching for “small hotel near Ronda” or “luxury hotel Andalucia” and then following the links.

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