retreat in Spain
retreat in Spain

Retreat in Spain – the seed and the fruit! 

Los Castaños is the perfect venue for a group. A family group celebrating a big birthday or a wedding or a retreat to practise mindfulness, yoga, painting. With six luxurious ensuite rooms complemented by large open plan dining area, drawing room, snug, the set up is perfect. And all this in the centre of a natural paradise with quiet walking trails and a serenity that is hard to find.

Except, without moving all the furniture, we don´t have a space to stretch or yoga. So I hate to admit it but perhaps, after fifteen years of trying to set up retreats, I was getting jaded. It took the creative genius of Emily, the only other English woman in this small Andalucian pueblo blanco, to fire me up.

holistic rural retreat
Meet Emily, mother of two talented athletic girls one of whom is already in TeamGB. She has been in Cartajima almost as long as I have and we make a great team.

I got a Whatsapp from her one morning saying “I´ve had the most fantastic idea but it could be just the wine talking. Remind me in the morning.”

She revealed her fabulous plan next morning – retreats! Well, yes, I ummed. Good idea. But the only problem is we need a large open space for the yoga and pilates and stuff.

Over the years I have tried to set up various programmes with yoga teachers and even once with a tango dancer – I have always wanted to learn the tango but never had the chance so I tried to organise a teaching couple to come to the hotel and teach me.

But it was the need for an empty space to do the yoga, pilates, or tango that eluded me. So this question emerged. Emily and I pondered where we could do the classes. Aha! ask our friendly mayor! We shot across the square to see the mayor. He gave us the key to a new building in the main square. Eureka! A perfect space – tons of light, large floor-to-ceiling windows that open to the outside, and most importantly lovely new floors perfect even for tango. And just steps away from the hotel.

salon del hotel
Acres of lovely spaces perfect for relaxing, reading, ruminating

Putting our heads together and pooling our resources, we soon had an outstanding collection of professionals to run the various classes that we proposed to include in our holistic rural retreat. We were both of the same mind that we didn´t want to focus on just one thing – not just yoga, not just pilates. (I would´t be averse to just tango as you might have gathered but that´s for the future 🙂 )

We were lucky to get Gabriella, renowned therapist to do a workshop on self-care
Isabelle yoga
Isabelle, our yoga teacher, is a perfect fit with our idea of holistic healing and self-care
Alison is our highly experienced Pilates teacher we were lucky to find in a nearby village
Racha, masseur to princesses, will be on hand for total relaxation using her variety of techniques

The date is set : 25th November for four nights and three days of wonderful activities focused self-care and using many tools including guided walking in our beautiful valley. For full details go to my Retreat in Spain page and for even more details to Emily´s site, Body, Mind and Soul Retreat

Easy to reserve your room at this very special rural holistic retreat in Spain, Andalucia.

Just ring me, Di, on +34 952180778 and we can talk about it.

Our scheduled retreats are as follows:

25 Nov – 29 Nov – Changing Leaves to coincide with the valley´s magnificent display of autumn colours

13 Jan – 17 Jan – St Knut Retreat  which coincides with a Los Castaños tradition of celebrating the last day of Swedish Christmas. A great start to 2020

23 Mar – 27 Mar – Hope Springs Eternal –  the many metaphors that Spring inspires, this retreat offers an opportunity for renewal and transition

A final word – watch this space. There will be more retreats coming focusing on different experiences. Tango for example 🙂

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