ronda city of dreams
ronda city of dreams

Public transportation from Ronda is extremely good as it is in Spain in general . The trains and buses run on time, are meticulously clean, and the staff polite and helpful. Added bonus the prices are very reasonable.

But if you don´t speak or read Spanish, it can be tricky figuring out the options for public transportation from Ronda to other cities or villages. We will make it easy for you.

We present the options:

Ronda bus staton

Bus Station

The bus station is just a few minutes walk from the centre of Ronda. Bus is probably, at the moment, the best public transportation from or to Ronda. The bus station has restrooms and a cafe and a left luggage possibility. As you leave the bus station there is a kiosk on the right selling newspapers etc and you have to ask there. The simplified Spanish would be something like “quisiera dejar mi maleta” I would like to leave my bag. There is a little door leading to a storage area where they will keep your bags for a few hours. I think it gets expensive if you leave them for very long.

bus station Rona

Bus Service

There are direct buses to Cadiz (3.25 hours), Jerez (2.25 hours), Malaga (1.75 hours), and Sevilla (2 hours) as well as to most other small towns.

For a regularly updated timetable from the Ronda tourist office click here

If you let us know what time you arrive at Ronda bus station we will be there to collect you.The other option would be to catch a taxi which are usually to found waiting outside the bus station and, if not, there is a sign with the telephone number. 

“Estoy en la estación de autobuses y quisiera un taxi para ir a Cartajima”

Ronda bus staton

Bus to Cartajima

It was a particularly thrilling moment in a peaceful lifestyle when some guests arrived from Ronda by bus. In common with many of our guests they came intent upon using only public transportation rather than hiring a car. So we are now aware of a *BUS SERVICE* to Cartajima. This has not existed for most of the 17 years I have been in Cartajima so it was thrilling to hear about. Here is a link to the service:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2 o´clock from Ronda bus station. It takes 1.5 hours but it´s a pretty route through all the villages.

We were deeply embarrassed that we didn´t know about this new service but we do rely upon our guests to keep us up to date with new bars such as De Locos Tapas, new musical talent in the area – Celia Morales Flamenco Centre and other very Andaluz insights – the fighting bull and Spanish horse breeding centre

All these activities were discovered by guests to whom we are eternally (well, perhaps that is stretching it a tiny bit!) grateful.

Train Station

The train and bus stations are relatively close together – not to far to walk with a bag in tow if you get stuck. The trains are in a bit of a turmoil at the moment because of a serious storm late 2018 which wiped out some lines. 

But from Ronda Renfe Station you can get a direct train to Madrid, Cordoba, Algeciras (handy for getting the ferry to Morocco). Train service to Malaga and Granada still operate but a bus takes you from Antequera on to your destination.

The train prices are not expensive particularly if you are a student or over 55. These reduction plans are applicable to certain days of the week – typically mid week


Taxi services in Ronda

Ronda is well equipped with taxis. We have our favourite driver and will get him to meet you if you ask us in advance. But there are several places in the town where they congregate so you are never too far away from one:

Bus station

Train station

Half way up Calle Bola, the pedestrian street in the middle of town

Outside the tourist office and Plaza de Toros.

Taxis are controlled and you don´t need to panic about being ripped off. It is not considered obligatory to tip but is courteous if the driver has been helpful. 

The photograph above shows you where the taxis assemble. You can also see the Blue T sign with a telephone number to call a taxi. The tourist office is a bit further down on the left and the plaza de toros is on the right. 

You´re all set for public transportation in Ronda!

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