The Ocean Voyager and Me

The Ocean Voyager and Me

The Ocean Voyager and Me It is a thrilling moment when you first hold a manuscript that has turned miraculously into a book. The Ocean Voyager and Me has been a long time in the making and what a relief … Read More


The boutique within the boutique

Boutique within the boutique hotel My French friend was rather demanding when it came to the use of the French language – very Académie française – he was giving me daily lessons and insisted upon only the most correct grammar. … Read More

Ronda tapa bar

Ronda favourite tapa place, El Lechuguita

Ronda favourite tapa place, El Lechugita   Thanks again to our adventurous guests, we can now recommend another fantastic tapas bar in Ronda. Known and loved by many, overlooked by us! … Read More

Cruising The African Dream

Cruising The African Dream

I was thrilled to be commissioned (i.e. paid!!) to write a 3000 word article for Practical Boat Owner about our adventures in Africa building and sailing a beautiful boat. And thrilled to see the finished article. … Read More

where do sweet chestnuts come from

Where do Sweet Chestnuts come from?

Where do sweet chestnuts come from? The remote unknown Alto Genal valley, quite close to Ronda, is home to the small boutique hotel Los Castaños. The inspiration for the name of the hotel was the sweet chestnut trees that cover … Read More

Amazing Morocco

Amazing Morocco

  Guests of Los Castaños are often surprised when they learn that Africa is just 14 km from the shores of Andalucia. … Read More


Andalucia´s Undiscovered White Villages

Andalucia´s Undiscovered White Villages Off the tourist trail and far from the crowds (madding or otherwise ♥), the Alto Genal Valley, in southern Spain near the touristy town of Ronda, is a secret. Not even Condé Nast has discovered it! … Read MoreRead More

Welcome to Los Castaños - an interview with Di

Welcome to Los Castaños – an interview with Di

We were invited to represent the province of Malaga on the Boutique Hotel Spain site, truly an honour to be listed with like-minded owner-operated hotels in Spain. We were asked to complete this interview to showcase Los Castaños. It is here … Read MoreRead More

Cartajima: Village of Champions, Fountain of Inspiration?

Cartajima Village of Champions

Cartajima Village of Champions One would never imagine that the tiny village of Cartajima pictured above, resident population less than one hundred, could have produce a high percentage of champions. In each case, the inspiration for the excellence is elusive. … Read More

Jigsaw Saga of the Moroccan Bougeoir

Jigsaw Saga of the Moroccan Bougeoir

  This is a long and possibly boring blog but the story must be told! … Read More