How to Get Best Hotel Deal

How to Get Best Hotel Deal

Most people have no idea that we hoteliers have to pay vast commissions to Online Travel Agents, known as OTA´s such as Booking dot com. When informed, my guests are resentful that they were unaware as they appreciate that small businesses such as Los Castaños cannot compete with the large hotels for whom commissions are no hardship.

How to book direct to get a better deal and closer relationship

  • When you have found the hotel of your choice, make sure that the URL, the website address, is the same as the name of the hotel. In our case, look for
  • If it bears no resemblance to the name of the accommodation, you are not on their site.
  • On Tripadvisor or any other page where you have seen a hotel that interests you, cut and paste the name and put it into Google. Then go past all the ADS at the top of the page until you find a link with the same name as the hotel.
  • This takes a few more minutes than just clicking on the Tripadvisor “Book Now” button which goes to Booking dot com. BUT the benefits of that small investment of time are incalculable. Monetary savings, information, personal attention, travel advice.
  • Small hotels do not put all their rooms for sale on OTA´s. If the hotel of your choice does not show availability, GO DIRECT!

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