riding lesson
riding lesson

Happiness Holiday Retreat

Miriam was happy to answer some questions about her experience during her Happiness Holiday based at Los Castaños in Andalucia. She came from Germany to spend this time in Spain with the goal of rebuilding confidence and finding her own strength. It worked and she left a happy woman!

When you search for retreats on the internet, the market is saturated. How did you manage to find us hidden away in the quiet Andalucian hills?

I knew that I didn´t want a hippie bootcamp sort of atmosphere so I just searched and searched. I don´t remember what words I put in to find Los Castaños but all of a sudden it popped up and I knew it was the one.

watercolouring lesson

What aspects of the Happiness Holiday appealed to you?

Everything I read about the Happiness Holiday convinced me it was unique, full of character, and very individual.  The variety of activities appealed to me as I didn´t want just yoga, or just pilates. Plus I wanted time in the outdoors and, when I saw the beautiful area around Los Castaños, I knew my desire for walking in nature would be satisfied. I spent a lot of time looking at the accommodation and was certain it was perfect for me – quiet, luxurious, comfortable – all the things I needed. I also checked out all the web pages about the owners of the hotel and saw that they too were kind and genuine. It´s easy to read between the lines and “get” the philosophy of a business, of a place. I know authentic is an overused word but that is the word I want to use to describe what I found at Los Castaños.

Were your expectations fulfilled?

More than! I had chosen the activities well and each one was wonderful. Also important is that the whole team, Emily, Di and John, gave me the right amount of support.

* The main activities that Miriam chose were Breathwork, Horseriding, and Watercolouring. Subsidiary activities included a Spanish Tapas Cookery Lesson, Yoga, Massage, 

Which activity did you enjoy most?

No contest there! The watercolouring day was the most thrilling for me and I rediscovered something that I had forgotten. It´s a hobby I mean to continue. My two teachers took me into the craggy mountains behind the village of Cartajima to paint and then we went to the contrasting area of the chestnut forests. It was a wonderful day. 


Start with our basic package which includes the essentials: luxury accommodation, excellent food, hire car, picnics and wine.

Then take your pick from the three lists. We work with you to make sure it is all compatible and that we can get our professional team onboard at the same time.






Discovering Clay


Olive oil & Wine Tasting

Hammam, old and new


Tapas Lesson

Guided Ronda tour 




Integral Psychotherapy

Yoga and Thai Massage


Integral Breathwork

happiness holiday

The best way to make a reservation is to email or to telephone (+34 952180778) like Miriam did and then we can get right to work designing YOUR Happiness Holiday.

And was there an activity that was completely new for you?

The Breathwork is something I´d never done. It was hard but I´m glad I did it. I´ve learned a lot. 

Anything else you would like to tell our readers about your Happiness Holiday?

I found that I felt really good about myself here. I was capable of doing more than I thought. I really enjoyed the walking in the valley on my own and felt completely safe especially as I had mobile coverage all the time so I knew I could call John if I got lost or needed rescuing.

And of course Los Castaños was the most perfect venue for activities like this. It was so comfortable, so homely, so good to come back to. And the food that Di gave me night after night was always a wonderful surprise! AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS (her capitals!)

Who would you recommend this holiday for?

Everybody! Anybody who wants to feel freedom, reunite with the earth, and be pampered throughout the experience.

But I would say especially single women because the support is excellent and it´s a great place to be on your own.

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Regarding Covid, this is a case free village. All the activities are in the open air and small groups or just individuals, the hotel is observing all the governmental requirements and some. You can feel safe while you are here.

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