hammam in Ronda

Hammam in Ronda

hammam in Ronda

… Our suggestions for a rich and fascinating half day visit in Ronda: we propose a viewing of the ancient Arab baths followed by the modern hammam in Ronda which is just next door. Live like an ancient local! We can make all the arrangments for you. Just ask!

About the Arab Baths in Ronda

The Arabs, who inhabited Andalucia for 700 years, were keen on washing. Not so their Christian conquerors! After the Christian armies swept through the land and finally conquered Andalucia in 1492, the magnificent baths built in every settlement fell into disuse, abandoned and forgotten. During the Inquisition which began in 1478 heretics – Jewish or Islamic – could be denounced for many reasons. Eating the wrong foods on the wrong days, wearing clean clothes, celebrating the Sabbath, or bathing.

Ronda, Andalucia

The Baños Arabes are located outside the old city walls and next to the river which supplied the water. Next door is the new hammam called Aguas de Ronda and in between is a delightful bar called Casa Clemente. All very handy. Let´s plan your trip …

Opening Hours Baños Arabes: 

Monday to Friday: 10 am to 6 pm 

Weekends and holidays: 10 am to 3 pm

Closed on Xmas Day, New Year´s Day, and 6th January

Low entry fees

A young friend recently referred to the 13th century Arab baths as a “heap of old stones” and she was right but they are beautifully arranged old stones. And extremely evocative of ages long gone …

In recent years the Arab Baths in Ronda have been lovingly and professionally restored and are a fantastic example of the country´s former glory. They are said to be best restored in Spain. 

The information provided to the visitor is superb and includes a video illustrating how the baths were used in ancient times. It runs in Spanish and then English every five minutes and explains all the different areas.

And now on to the modern version of this ancient tradition. First the important information. 

Opening Hours Hammam in Ronda

Monday to Saturday: 12 pm to 9 pm

Sunday: Closed

Price List

2 hour circuit 20 euros

Back or legs massage: 25 euros*

Full massage: 13 euros*

*when included with circuit

They have other more exotic offerings such as hot stones massage 

or for couples chocolate therapy 😲


Once you have browsed the old walls, you will find, just around the corner, in the same barrio, the Jewish quarter, a Ronda hammam. It reflects the ancient experience with heated beds, hot pool with jets, ice shower and plunge pool, steam room and, just to top it all off, massages are available. 

A swimsuit is required but, if you don´t have one with you, they will sell you one for a small fee – not the height of fashion but sufficient to cover your modesty! One also needs to take flipflops or crocs.

A delightful tea is available – help yourself. The day I went I was told it was a red tea flavoured with apricots. Divine!

Click here to visit the hammam site.

Please note that a reservation is required and, as always we are available to help you with that and choose from their menu of massages. Put the hammam in Ronda on your list of must-do´s when you come to stay

And then, as luck would have it, there´s a good bar located just by the Aguas de Ronda – Casa Clemente. We had lunch after the old baths and before our date with the hammam but you must figure out the order you like. The bar held our coffees and desserts until we had finished in the hammam. I think they are both owned by the same family. And you can buy a combined ticket for the hammam and lunch.

Casa Clemente has an outside seating area with gorgeous views or inside which would be very cosy in winter. 

They offer either a set meal (menu del dia) for 9 euros or a la carte.

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