GR141 route through the beautiful Serrania de Ronda

The Andalucian government created this magnificent GR141 route by restoring ancient paths and connecting them to make a six-stage hike through a beautiful part of Spain, beginning and ending in the stunning town of Ronda.

The inspiration was the 19th century Viajeros Romanticos or Romantic Traveller route from Gibraltar to Ronda. Those travellers were writers, artists, intellectuals. They came because it was dangerous and exotic. Spartan conditions and constant danger, rather than being a deterrent, kept them intrigued. Among them were Theophile Gautier, the French poet, the Scottish painter David Roberts, the American diplomat Washington Irving. And of course Ronda was the inspiration for Carmen!

David Roberts romantic depiction of an Andalucian town

I obviously had not kept my ear as close as I should have to the ground because I knew nothing about the new GR141 route until we started getting guests who walked in and walked out. I asked the last ones why and they told me about it and about an article in the Financial Times which describes it beautifully “There is a detailed description, with English translation, of the six sections of the GR 141 at

One of the charms for me of Cartajima and why I chose it as the venue for my smart boutique hotel is that is does not appear on most maps and nobody has heard of it! It remains peaceful and off the beaten path as it has always been. And so the new GR141 bypasses completely the beautiful  Alto Genal Valley and its secret undiscovered pueblos blancos.

But it is clear when looking at the map included in the lengthy information in English that there is an alternative to the straight route back to Ronda and we have had many good walkers who have ventured off the beaten path and into our valley and to our door. Perhaps you would like to make this adventure your own.

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