Flamenco Guitar in Ronda

Flamenco guitar in Ronda is available. There are two excellent places in Ronda to experience live classical flamenco music.

Celia Morales gives hour-long concerts of traditional Spanish Flamenco guitar music every evening at 7:30 pm. But check the website or with me first to make sure. Times can change. Celia plays some classical music and some of her own composition. She explains gently what she is going to play and the whole experience is harmonious and relaxed. Entry 15 euros. Info here


The Ronda Guitar House with Lucy and her talented husband, PacoSeco, is a quite different concert. The guitar house is something of a museum to music with some magnificent old instruments on display. If you are lucky you will be offered a little tot of Malaga wine to get you in the mood! The night we went to hear the concert Paco played four different guitars and explained the difference between them and the music they played. This is a whole experience and our guests have loved their visit. More here

Flamenco Guitar in Ronda

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