Extreme Mountain Biking

Extreme Mountain Biking

Choose mountain biking in Serrania de Ronda!

The Alto Genal, part of the Serrania de Ronda, is a fabulous training area for mountain biking.

What makes this undiscovered corner of Andalucia special:

♥ immense climbs lasting forty-five to sixty minutes

♥ trails, country roads, and some single track

♥ warm climate, magnificent scenery, altitude typically 700 – 1200 m

What we offer the discerning mountain biker looking for a challenging experience:

♥ routes 3 – 6 hours covering up to 60 km.  Detailed instructions and maps provided.

♥ introduction to bike renters and good mechanics

♥ exceedingly comfortable accommodation (check out the rooms)

♥ safe indoor onsite storage of bikes

♥ collection/rescue/drop-off service

♥ introduction to local biking group who would be delighted to have you join them

♥ fantastic flexible food geared to your needs

♥ trail maps

♥ laundry service

♥ we can arrange equally entertaining activities for your partner! Shopping, wine tasting, hiking.

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