OTT Prawn Cocktail

OTT Prawn Cocktail! In the seventies, the standard meal “out” was prawn cocktail, steak and chips, black forest gateau. The prawn cocktail was a simple affair – shredded iceberg lettuce, prawns and a yucky pink sauce. Last night I decided … Read More

Confit de Pato Parmentier

A few years ago, John and I had the good fortune to have a week´s barge holiday in France. Our boat wasn´t ready for us upon our arrival so we went off to find lunch and, my lunch karma, as … Read More

Ronda parking map

Where to park in Ronda?

where to park in Ronda is a frequently asked question. It is a busy tourist town and it helps to have the info before you get there. … Read More

birding with Peter Jones

The Joy of Serrania de Ronda

In this guest post by our local ornithologist, Peter Jones, he talks about the joy of the Serrania de Ronda, the mountainous area surrounding Cartajima where we are located. When referring to the glorious photograph above, he likes to call … Read More

olive oil tasting in Ronda

Olive oil tasting in Ronda

Contact details at the end of the blog. There are tours at 1100, 1300 and 1500 but obviously this varies so best to call Mara and ask. 20 € per person LA Organic Experience, olive oil tasting in Ronda, is by far … Read More

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