Ronda, City of Dreams

Ronda City of Dreams

Ronda City of Dreams ….. as Rilke famously commented in 1912, during a bout of writer´s block. whilst living in Ronda, the City of Dreams … “He buscado por todas partes la ciudad soñada, y al fin la he encontrado … Read MoreRead More

guitar concert Ronda

Flamenco Guitar in Ronda

Flamenco guitar in Ronda When I opened Los Castaños in 2004, there were no local Ronda wines available nor was there any classical Spanish guitar music early enough in the evening for foreigners to enjoy. As in every Andalucian town … Read More

one of best tapas bar Ronda

One of best tapas bars Ronda

Let me introduce you to one of the best tapas bars Ronda. Just look at that salad in the image above! It was the very best I have tasted for a long time. … Read More

Five Andalucian Summer Treats

Five Andalucian Summer Treats Andalucia is fun all year round but the summer is THE time to go. It’s party month! Every city, town and village has a summer fair ostensibly in the name of the patron saint but actually … Read More

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