olive oil tasting in Ronda

Olive oil tasting in Ronda

Contact details at the end of the blog. There are tours at 1100, 1300 and 1500 but obviously this varies so best to call Mara and ask. 20 € per person LA Organic Experience, olive oil tasting in Ronda, is by far … Read More

public transportation Ronda

Public Transportation from Ronda

Public transportation from Ronda is extremely good as it is in Spain in general . The trains and buses run on time, are meticulously clean, and the staff polite and helpful. Added bonus the prices are very reasonable. But if … Read More

one of the best walks near Ronda

One of the Best Walks near Ronda

Download detailed notes here. My descriptions are purely poetic! We recently discovered a walk near Ronda that we have overlooked for too long. Called in Spanish Tajo del Abanico or the Fan Gorge, it is just on the outskirts of … Read More

hammam in Ronda

Hammam in Ronda

Hammam in Ronda … Our suggestions for a rich and fascinating half day visit in Ronda: we propose a viewing of the ancient Arab baths followed by the modern hammam in Ronda which is just next door. Live like an … Read More

Hotel Los Castaños - Boutique Hotel In Ronda

Swimming near Ronda

Swimming near Ronda  The Pools of the Alto Genal Valley When all the pools of the Alto Genal opened on the first of July for the summer season, John and I decided we would visit them one by one to inform you … Read More

Ronda tapa bar

Ronda favourite tapa place, El Lechuguita

Ronda favourite tapa place, El Lechugita   Thanks again to our adventurous guests, we can now recommend another fantastic tapas bar in Ronda. Known and loved by many, overlooked by us! … Read More

Ronda Shopping Guide for Interesting Gifts

Ronda Interesting Gift Guide

  Ronda´s main pedestrian shopping street frequented by locals as well as tourists is called Carrera Espinel. But it is known as Calle la Bola. The reason, so ´tis said, is that a snowball  was started at the top and, as it … Read MoreRead More

Mediterranean Culture of Bulls

Mediterranean Culture of Bulls

Mediterranean culture of bulls – Love it or loath it, there is no escaping the prevalence of bull worship around the Mediterranean. There is not quite a clear thread from the Minotaur imprisoned in the labyrinth on the island of … Read MoreRead More

Ronda, City of Dreams

Ronda, City of Dreams

Ronda, City of Dreams ….. as Rilke famously commented in 1912, during a bout of writer´s block. “He buscado por todas partes la ciudad soñada, y al fin la he encontrado en Ronda…..No hay nada más inesperado en España que … Read MoreRead More

Flamenco Guitar in Ronda

Flamenco Guitar in Ronda

Flamenco guitar in Ronda is available. There are two excellent places in Ronda to experience live classical flamenco music. … Read More

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