Amazing Morocco

Amazing Morocco

  Guests of Los Castaños are often surprised when they learn that Africa is just 14 km from the shores of Andalucia. … Read More

Jigsaw Saga of the Moroccan Bougeoir

Jigsaw Saga of the Moroccan Bougeoir

  This is a long and possibly boring blog but the story must be told! … Read More

Tantalising Tangier

Tantalising Tangier cheat sheet

We offer you a tantalising Tangier cheat sheet! Tangier is so close you could touch it. Guests returning from one of our high altitude walks speak in wonder of Africa. We saw Africa, they cry! We didn’t know it was so … Read MoreRead More

Andalucian Triple-Jump to Morocco

Andalucia and Morocco Triple-Jump

Andalucia and Morroco made easy! Researching where to go, what to see and where to stay on your Andalucia and Morocco adventure? … Read More

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