how to make perfect mince pie

How to Make Perfect Mince Pies

How to make perfect mince pies is a strange topic for me. I am not ashamed to admit that, experienced cook as I am, I avoid making pastry. Surely cooking is subjective so we cook what we like to eat … Read More

great veggies

Necessity is the mother of soup

Necessity is the mother of soup Some years ago I was sailing on a boat with my family of one husband and two small girls. We set sail one day from Jaguanum Island to Rio de Janeiro. It was a … Read More

olive oil tasting in Ronda

Olive oil tasting in Ronda

Contact details at the end of the blog. There are tours at 1100, 1300 and 1500 but obviously this varies so best to call Mara and ask. 20 € per person LA Organic Experience, olive oil tasting in Ronda, is by far … Read More

Wine and Food Festivals Andalucia

The Alto Genal Valley near Ronda is home to 7 small pueblos blancos, four of which celebrate a local food or wine in November. … Read More

christmas hotel package

Christmas rural hotel break 2020

OUR FAMOUS 3-DAY CHRISTMAS RURAL HOTEL BREAK IS BACK! Christmas Package 2019 | Malaga | Spain | Country Hotel | ChristmasAll-inclusive price for our three-day best of the breaks! Escape commercial Christmas! And all the work involved! Once again we … Read More

how to poach eggs

How to poach an egg

How To Poach an Egg or Two You would think that, after cooking at varying levels in different countries in various guises for many decades, you would know how to poach an egg. Especially after having been awarded a gastronomic … Read MoreRead More

best inland hotel award


Best Inland Hotel Award We were thrilled to bits when word reached us that we had been chosen as the inland hotel of the year by the illustrious Academia Gastronómica Málagueña. … Read More

Cartajima: Village of Champions, Fountain of Inspiration?

Cartajima Village of Champions

Cartajima Village of Champions One would never imagine that the tiny village of Cartajima pictured above, resident population less than one hundred, could have produce a high percentage of champions. In each case, the inspiration for the excellence is elusive. … Read More

Best ham slicer in Spain

Best ham slicer in Spain

  He is called Leocadio Corbacho and he has an Aladdin´s cave of ham in Ronda. You simply must visit, even if you don´t eat meat. He has a wide variety of cheeses and pickles and everything in between. The shop … Read MoreRead More

Tasting Olive Oil aka Oleoturismo

Tasting Olive Oil aka Oleoturismo

  At 856 metres, the altitude of Cartajima is a little high for the olive to grow well. There are a few but not in commercial quantities. However, in nearby El Burgo you can experience the olive in all its variations and … Read MoreRead More

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