Wine and Food Festivals Andalucia

The Alto Genal Valley near Ronda is home to 7 small pueblos blancos, four of which celebrate a local food or wine in November. … Read More

the bulls of Jerez

Chasing the Black Bulls of Spain

When I say “Chasing the black bulls of Spain” you must understand this is not an actual recommendation. Particularly after a recent guest of Los Castaños fell literally foul of a bull at Pamplona, I certainly would not recommend getting too … Read More

hammam in Ronda

Hammam in Ronda

Hammam in Ronda … Our suggestions for a rich and fascinating half day visit in Ronda: we propose a viewing of the ancient Arab baths followed by the modern hammam in Ronda which is just next door. Live like an … Read More

cordoba romantic city

Romantic Cities of Andalucia

From your base in Cartajima you can visit most of the romantic cities of Andalucia on a day trip, either by train (Granada and Cordoba) or by road (Cadiz, Jerez, Malaga, Sevilla). We have guides and information so when you are here, just … Read More

hero or victim

Hero or victim?

Hero or Victim? When a young Australian couple arrived at the hotel the other day, we suggested they might like to take a dip in Cartajima´s swimming pool as it was a warm day. She, Ash, said she would but … Read More

Andalucian Rug Making

Andalucian Rug Making

With autumn just beginning and the possibility of cooler weather on the way, John and I set off to find rugs for the rooms – traditional jarapas made in the Alpujarras since Arab times. Originally made to protect a mattress from the rough old … Read MoreRead More

Drawing Inspiration Andalucia

Drawing Inspiration Andalucia

You arrive at Los Castaños and are comfortably settled in your beautiful room. Open the shutters and let the afternoon sun come in and then you notice the view. How marvellous you think and pause for a while. You turn to … Read MoreRead More

Andalucia Spring

Andalucia Spring

Having lived for some informative years in equatorial Africa where there are no seasons, I thrill to the four very different changes in Andalucia. Whilst it is true that spring and autumn are somewhat truncated in recent years, the drama … Read MoreRead More

Five Andalucian Summer Treats

Five Andalucian Summer Treats

Andalucia is fun all year round but the summer is THE time to go. It’s party month! Every city, town and village has a summer fair ostensibly in the name of the patron saint but actually more in honour of … Read MoreRead More

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