Cartajima Tales or a Picnic with Jesus

Cartajima Tales or a Picnic with Jesus

Just like those who gathered to go to Canterbury in the fourteenth century, the people of Cartajima are gathering to go on a pilgrimage. Not in “Aprill, with his shoures soote” but June. Not Canterbury or even Rome, but the hill behind the village.

And, given the Andalucian ability to combine the sacred with the secular, the occasion is essentially a picnic with Jesus. 

They take the small icon from the church and process out of the village and up the hill to the “mirador”, the lookout place where all celebrations take place. They will have already bagged their spot, erected their tables, and left their cool boxes full of tortilla and beer.

They stick Jesus in the hedge and the party begins. Live music, dancing, feasting, drinking until the early hours when Jesus is returned home. Just like the pilgrims of yore, there might even be some story-telling going on.

This year the romeria takes place on 2nd June so come and join the pilgrimage. It´s great fun!

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