Birding in and around Ronda, Andalucia
Birding in and around Ronda Andalucia

Birding In and Around
Ronda Andalucia

Birdwatching is one of the things we do best at Hotel Los Castaños. From our rooftop terrace we watch our friend “Bootie” (a white-faced booted eagle) go up the valley in the morning and back home in the evening.

And three other eagle species (Bonelli, Golden and Short Toed) as well as Europe´s largest bird, the Griffin Vulture, and swifts and swallows and lots of LBJs … and our beloved bee-eaters who come back to nest ever summer. We hear their song overhead before we see them and rejoice, literally, in their return. Funny how we consider them “ours” whereas the people in Africa very likely feel just as proprietorial.

If you enjoy birdwatching, spectacular scenery, fascinating insights into local fauna and flora, then *Peter Jones’ personally guided tour of the Serranía de Ronda and Sierra de Grazalema is a must. Many of our guests have spent a day in delightful Peter´s company and returned full of knowledge and satisfaction. Click the link below to make a date to go out with him.

birding with Peter Jones

We are virtually on the migration route from the south to north and vice versa so often flocks of honey buzzards can be sighted on their way to new pastures. A short trip down the coast to Gibraltar and you are right underneath the crossing point across the Straits so the chances of incredible sightings of migrating birds increase exponentially.

With mountains and hills predominately of limestone, the bio-diversity of the Serranía and Sierras is stunning. From rocky outcrops, mountaintop and valleys, the birding tour will take you through some of the most breathtaking scenery in Spain.

Birds of interest are virtually guaranteed although the time of year and the weather will dictate the number and type of bird species you will see. Peter has intimate knowledge of those elusive ‘best bird areas’ and he will be able to assist beginners and discuss the area with visiting experienced birders. Even on the rainiest of days, Peter knows where to go to show off the birds he loves.

Whatever your level of expertise, you will find this birding trip rewarding. Guests have told us that he adjusts his tour according to the abilities of his guests – he can coach the beginners and inspire the most experienced.

*Peter has been involved in studying birds for over 40 years. Involved in scientific research (currently in the Serrania de Ronda), he is a qualified bird ringer categorised in Spain as a Senior Expert. Apart from being an esoteric expert, he is great fun. Look for more details on the site called Spanish Nature

Hides – there are now two fully equipped hides to rent, one in the Sierra de las Nieves, the other near Ronda. For details ring Inma on 699189188 or Juan 679439671. You can find full details of the hides on the website for Algaba de Ronda.

If Peter is not available, we highly recommend Alvaro. Not only birdwatching and Iberian ibex watching, but also photo tours of the pueblos blancos, nature walks in the area and an excellent tour of Ronda. He will take you off the busy streets and into the secret Ronda corners. For more details and to contact him, visit his website or look for Wild Andalucia on Facebook.If P

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