A Curious Case of Itinerary Planning

A Curious Case of Itinerary Planning

When you´re planning a trip, how do you set about choosing your itinerary from the cornucopia offered by every single country in the world with the possible exception of Antartica.

The sights and sites are in the cities so they are the natural magnate for tourists: if you are going to France, you must visit Paris. UK? London is a must see. The USA, so many to choose from but I bet you wouldn´t pick Buford, Wyoming. However, if you were a recent couple of guests from New York who chose Cartajima, perhaps you would choose Buford!

They flew from New York to Madrid, then to Fes (not FEZ which is a hat), then to Cartajima! How did that happen I had to ask. We don´t exist as far as maps are concerned. Buford, Wyoming is more famous than Cartajima and I bet it appears on more maps. We are the undiscovered, unknown, unrecognised centre of the Serrania de Ronda. And proud of it! Only discovered by the clever, discerning traveller who wants more than a tourist trail.

When they left us, this couple of highly sophisticated New Yorkers (is there any other kind?) were driving to Granada, another big name draw, back to Madrid and home.

Their itinerary was thus NY, Madrid, Fes, Cartajima, Granada, Madrid, New York. Which is the odd man out?

Part Two coming up. An Interview with the couple who created the curious itinerary! Including how they found us! For clever, discerning travellers only!

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