The first question guests often pose is where are the bars of Cartajima! And we provide a handy map in each room showing where they are and introducing you to the owners so you can greet them by name – always a good start. There are three bars, one with a restaurant – all very different. There is also the possibility of a fourth opening at the entrance to the village. If you go for a bar crawl you will meet most of the locals!

First meet Alicia and Bianca with their wicked fried mushrooms!

The Mirador del Genal is also known locally as the chiringuito which actually means beach bar and refers to the many bars set up along the Mediterranean shore on the beaches of the Costa del Sol. The rational is that our chiringuito is beside the swimming pool and until fairly recently just sold cans of soda and chocolate bars. Now it is a fully fledged restaurant with a complete, if fairly standard, menu. Run by Alicia and Blanca, the hours vary so be sure to ask us to check for you.

And now I would like to introduce you to the delightful Maribel and Antonio:

El Horno Frasquita is a charming bar, pretty sophisticated for this little village and very popular with the locals. It is the brainchild of Maribel and Antonio who are perfect hosts, extremely welcoming even if you are an outsider ♥. They have a range of tasty tapas which can also be larger portions – John and I frequently make a meal of their ensalada tropical and rusa, boquerones and salsichas in onion sauce. 

And now, please say hello to Salvador. He´s actually quite smiley when you get to know him!

Bar Municipal, which is under the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall), is more challenging! It is where the men meet to play their incomprehensible card game with gusto and drama. The village comes to watch football particularly when Spain is playing and the roars of GOOOOOOLLLLL echo around the houses. Salvador has a short menu of tapas and will also make hamburgers and chips. Recent Australian guests loved it as they felt they had made real contact with the locals aided coincidentally by an encounter with a person wearing a T-shirt with kangaroos emblazoned on it!

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